Soma was produced to relax muscles. It blocks nerve impulse or pain which should be accepted by our brain. It is used to treat different muscle diseases or injuries. Soma is usually combined with physical therapy that makes it more effective. People order Soma to kill pain in the muscles and proceed to daily tasks or at least have a normal rest without terrible feelings. You have to strictly follow all indications on administration of this treatment. Consult an expert and follow his instructions. Otherwise, you are risking to receive adverse effects.

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For your convenience we are providing office registration forms available as “Adobe PDF” files.

The forms have a color coded bar on the right side of each page that is used for form identification.  Although not necessary, the preferred method of printing is in color as our office uses the color coding for filing  purposes.

You may click on the the form link name and print directly from your browser or you can right click the same link and choose “Save Link As” to download the form for later use.


 Patient Registration Form


Medical Dental History Form


HIPPA-Privacy Consent Form



Please Note that “Adobe Reader®” is required to view & print the forms  and “Adobe Acrobat®” is required to save the PDF files to your desktop.